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Bovine of European origin, lightly buffed natural grain.

Thickness: 0.8 – 1.0 mm. Average size of each hide: 51 – 54 square feet.

Chrome tanning, aniline dyed. Water based finish, with waxes, anilines and resins finely dispersed for a distressed appearance. Stiff handle, slippery feel and semi-gloss appearance. Being an aniline article, some minor colour variation between different hides and batches are acceptable.

Test                                                                                 Method                                Result                 UOM

Tear strength – single edge tear                                     ISO 3377-1                         ≥20                      N

Colour fastness to rubbing – Dry 50 cycles                    ISO 11640:1998                 ≥3                        Grey scale

Colour fastness to rubbing – Wet 20 cycles                   ISO 11640:1998                  ≥3                       Grey scale

Colour fastness to rubbing – Sweat 20 cycles               ISO 11640:1998                  ≥2                       Grey scale

Flexing endurance – Dry 50,000 cycles                        ISO 5402                             No damage

Colour fastness to artificial light – 16,000 kj/sqm          ISO 105B02                         ≥2/3                     Blue scale

Burning behaviour to cigarette and match flame           BS 5852:1979                     Pass

Disclaimer: Due to variations in monitors, colours may appear different than physical samples. Colours seen here are not guaranteed to be an exact match. Samples are available upon request.

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